Designing Flawless IOT Experience

Internet connectivity has already transformed the technological landscape of the 21st century. As everyday consumer devices such as washing machines and refrigerators begin to communicate and share information with each other, the vision of home automation and smart factories is already here. With its rich and varied experience of working with embedded and automation systems, BBT is uniquely positioned as a front-runner in the IoT space for both consumers as well as industrial markets. BBT offers complete IoT and IIoT solutions ranging from industrial to home automation systems.

Connectivity For A Smarter Future

BBT works with industry experts as well as startups to introduce their concept of smart devices. With BBT, clients get uninterrupted solutions for their IoT needs.

BBT puts Intelligence Into Appliances

BBT has capabilities to design and manufacture numerous facets of smart connected devices such as low power devices, sensors networking, data acquisition, data analysis, and cloud computing advancements.


BBT has vast experience in developing and integrating smart capabilities into devices. Ranging from home appliances, healthcare, and industrial machinery BBT works towards integrating IoT capabilities into diversified systems.


Wireless communication between devices is one of the characteristic features of IoT Systems. The technical teams at BBT work with multiple wireless communication technologies like WiFi, Zigbee, LORA, Bluetooth and RF to implement a flawless IoT experience

Data Acquisition & Analytics

IoT systems generate huge amounts of data every moment. BBT has expertise in the acquisition and proper analytics of such data. The data collected from machinery is closely analyzed and used to provide our clients with decision-making platforms for their plants and industries.

Case Study

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Creating an Environmental Data Logger that gives yearlong service on a single charge.

Electromagnetic Interference of DC Motor over Controller Board.

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Creating an Environmental Data Logger that gives yearlong service on a single charge.

Low Power Smart Data Logger

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Creating An Induction Motor Controller That Can Deliver Consistent Performance Over An Extended Period Of Time.

Longevity Improvement of 3-phase AC Induction Motor Controller.