Complete Accuracy Of Operation

The performance of electronic controllers often stands as the determining factor between the success and failure of your machinery. A number of techniques and user-interface designs are available for the operation of electronic controllers. As every system is unique in its own specifications and challenges, it is essential to zero in on the right type of controller for each machine. BBT provides complete solutions to its clients on varied aspects of electronic control systems. With an impressive amount of collective experience and a strong innovative streak, BBT specializes in electronic controllers that deliver quality performance.

Cutting-Edge Electronic Solutions

Electronic controllers from BBT are manufactured by adhering to the highest technological standards. Working with BBT allows clients to deliver high-quality, innovative and well-rounded products to their end-users.

Helps Machine Manufacturers Achieve Full Control

BBT handles every aspect regarding the electronic controllers right from the design and development to the manufacturing phase. BBT has experienced engineers working around the clock tirelessly to bring the latest innovation to its clients.

Precision Sensing

BBT controllers are designed and manufactured to measure and accept input signals with utmost precision from a variety of sensors. This allows for better control of the associated machinery, resulting in higher efficiency levels.

Embedded Systems

Embedded systems design and manufacture is one of the key services offered by BBT. The engineers here carefully analyze your concept by selecting the best and most efficient technology for executing your requirements. Expertise in multiple domains of software and hardware enables the specialists at BBT to offer stellar service to its clients.

Seamless Integration

BBT devices are custom-built to match the clients’ specifications. The use of customized electronics provides seamless integration of the control modules with the underlying equipment. This naturally translates to a better user experience.

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Creating an Environmental Data Logger that gives yearlong service on a single charge.

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