Leap Forth From The Past, Embrace The Future

We live in the Digital Age. Digital systems provide greater efficiency, control, and performance when compared to legacy analog systems. There are still many industries which are yet to make the transition from analog to digital. BBT utilizes its varied experience of working with digital systems, right from concept to printed circuit board design and PLC automation to programming to help industry leaders make the move from analog to digital systems.

Embracing Digital For A Better Tomorrow

Working with BBT allows its clients to smoothly shift from legacy analog systems to digital equivalents in a cost-effective and efficient manner. This leads to better products for every consumer, from the industrial to home segments.

BBT: Paving the way for a better system efficiency

With its vast experience of working with customized electronics, BBT has helped multiple industry players’ transition from analog to digital.

Printed Circuit Boards

The BBT team has expertise in implementing your vision on printed circuit boards. Using advanced design techniques and the latest in simulation software, BBT creates and tests your designs to ensure successful and cost-effective realization.

Controlled Output

BBT manufactured control devices provide accurate output signals for the proper operation of industrial machinery and automation systems, thus providing ease of use and peace of mind to its clients.

Automation Systems

As the world moves towards increasing levels of automation, BBT is resolved to be ahead of the curve. By helping its customers achieve the desired level of system automation, BBT works towards creating a better future for the digital ecosystem. This provides an edge to the clients working with BBT and enables them to create better products and services.

Case Study

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Creating an Environmental Data Logger that gives yearlong service on a single charge.

Electromagnetic Interference of DC Motor over Controller Board.

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Creating an Environmental Data Logger that gives yearlong service on a single charge.

Low Power Smart Data Logger

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Creating An Induction Motor Controller That Can Deliver Consistent Performance Over An Extended Period Of Time.

Longevity Improvement of 3-phase AC Induction Motor Controller.