Bits and Board Technologies (fondly called BBT) is one of the front-runners in delivering industrial automation systems and customized electronics solutions in India. Founded in 2016, BBT operates from Gandhinagar, Gujarat and is a well-known original design manufacturer (ODM) company. At BBT, the teams of specialists are always at the forefront of the latest developments and cutting-edge technologies in the field of electronics and automation. This allows the company to provide a wide range of Customized Electronics solutions in the fields of Consumer Electronics, Industrial Automation, Health Care, IoT, Industry 4.0, R&D, Security and manufacture of printed circuit boards. Added to this is the excellent business ethics that form the core of the company to build long-term relationships with clients all over the globe. Capabilities for both design and manufacturing as well as a strong ethical foundation for providing customer value has allowed the company to emerge as a premier player in the electronics industry.

Our Vision

Every step we take at BBT is guided by our vision of becoming the premier original design manufacturer (ODM) company for customized electronics solutions. We look forward to expanding the horizon of our operations in India and overseas to become one of the most recognized names in the Electronics industry.

Our Philosophy

The driving force behind the successful operation of BBT is the kind, benevolent and caring approach towards both our team & clients. This is embodied in every way by the people at BBT. The principle of ethical conduct, along with a culture of innovation, results in the design and manufacture of customized machinery that meets the client’s specifications at all stages of the development process, from inception to maintenance.

Quality & Values

BBT aims to create quality products that exactly meet the customers’ needs. The specialists at BBT work with the customer at every stage of development in a way that guarantees clarity of communication and sound business ethics. The customer-centric work process and moral code of conduct, together with cutting-edge expertise in all facets of electronics design and manufacture, makes BBT the go-to destination for customized electronic solutions.

Meet Our Team

Professor N. M. Vadher
(Director & CTO –Electronics Division)

Mr. Prataprai Makodia
(CTO- Mechanical Division)

Mr. Bhargav Makodia
(Co-Founder and CEO)

Mrs. Sujal B. Makodia
(Co-Founder and CFO)

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