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Electronics Controllers

At BBT we develop robust electronics controllers for use in consumer as well as industrial settings. Our experienced team members use their knowledge of multiple domains to deliver the best devices to our clients. Read More..

Internet of Things

BBT develops future ready low power IoT products with wireless communication capabilities that can be used to implement home as well as industrial automation. Read More..

Digitizing Analog Systems

Our team of expert engineers can help you to make your industrial systems future proof by converting legacy analog systems into fully functioning digital equivalents, thus improving your production and manufacturing processes. Read More..

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BBT: Customized Electronics Solutions

Located in Gandhinagar, India, Bits and Board Technology is an electronics manufacturing company specializing in the design, development, and manufacture of high-quality customized electronics and automation systems for both industrial as well as consumer applications.

As a venture working with industrial machine manufacturers, we believe in the concept of innovation and creative thinking to overcome challenges and deliver the latest in custom electronics solutions to all our clients.

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