Embedded System Design
Our Embedded System Design team helps your ideas attain a physical form. The aim of our team is to carefully pick blocks that best suit the implementation of your idea. Careful choice will incorporate use of latest technological trends and methodology. Our team constantly monitors the updates that takes place the world around. This way we can assist you in enhancing your ideas. Our team excels in analyzing the feasibility of ideas with best use of available resources. We work on a platforms like AVR, ARM, PIC to the basic 8051. We have strong command over Linux. Our team excels in various protocols like USB, Ethernet, CAN, I2C, SPI and UART to name few with an open approach to newer developments. The coding platform we use includes C, C++, embedded C and Assembly Language.

Automation System Design
With world moving rapidly towards atomization of Industrial grade services, our Automation team with its Deep Research will provide you with adaptive solutions that will make your transition towards automation smooth and efficient. The automation solutions include platforms like PLCs, SCADA, HMIs and Stepper/Servo Motor controllers.

IoT Product Design
With technological growth and development, we are now moving towards a unique mode of communication that involves machines talking amongst themselves in getting the stated job done. Internet of Things is the next big thing that does exactly that. It is a technology that enables devices connected over internet to communicate with each other through a medium of Cloud Computing. Our service expands IOT application to home appliances sector, health care applications and Industrial IOT. We use wireless communication protocols like Zig-Bee, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Circuit & PCB Designing
Our design team has expertise in implementing your ideas on a Circuit Board. We have state of the art software and tool set to get them printed on the circuit board. Our resourceful research experience enables us to serve you in designing the circuit first hand before getting it printed for testing and production. We use our simulation tools and software to analyze the design and its intended application.

Consultation Service
We at BBT have a specific designated place where we Brain Storm and discuss your ideas, challenges and possibilities. Our team values your time and resource investment hence our Technical honchos would spend time in detailed discussions for fully understanding your concept and laying out plan for its successful execution. We strongly believe that every idea is first framed on a paper taking into considerations every aspect before putting it to design and production.